The Easiest Way to Make Delicious Fish Tacos

I like fish tacos and often order them when I eat at restaurants. Really good homemade fish tacos can take some effort to make. You have to cook the fish and make the taco topping — usually some type of seasoned slaw/cabbage — from scratch. I enjoy cooking, but I don’t always like making fish tacos because they are more work when you have to mix up your own slaw or other toppings.

Then one of my good friends told me about her easy way to make fish tacos. There is nothing special or healthy about these tacos. They are cheater fish tacos. But they are great comfort food and easy to make on a busy night.

These tacos require just three ingredients: a box of store-bought frozen breaded fish wedges (or even fish sticks if you can’t find the larger wedges), flour tortillas, and cole slaw (I use ready made slaw or a bag of chopped slaw mix and a jar of slaw dressing).

Easy Fish Tacos


  • 4 frozen, breaded fish fillets
  • 4 flour tortillas
  • 1 container of cole slaw (or one package of fresh chopped slaw mix and one bottle of slaw dressing)


Bake the fish as directed. Heat the flour tortillas on a skillet until warm, about 15-30 seconds on each side. Then fill each tortilla with one chopped fish fillet and top with several spoonfuls of cole slaw.

Serve with French fries, onion rings, a salad, or whatever your favorite side may be.


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