Introducing: A Well Advised Life

Welcome to A Well Advised Life, a blog devoted to — as the tagline says — living wisely, thinking practically, and acting purposefully. This blog is the spiritual successor to another blog, whose story is important to understanding what this one is and what it seeks to do.

In 2017, two writers (Rachael and Joshua) got the idea to collaborate a blog on things like pantry hacks and ways to save money. The site was called Shop From Your Pantry, and it launched in August of that year. From the start, it was a pilot project, meant to see if we could do what we wanted the blog to do.

It was fun, but we discovered, fairly early on, that the vision of the site was a little too narrow. Now, many blogs make their living being narrow, and we understand that better than anyone: one of our other blogs, Aldi Reviewer, has been a successful experience in what most people would consider to be a real niche. But we also felt that Shop From Your Pantry didn’t really give us the right space to write about what we were truly passionate about. Too much of it, we felt, was bending, if not breaking, the vision of that site.

So in spring 2018 we hit the pause button on Shop From Your Pantry while we went back to the drawing board on a blog. The end result of our conversations and planning is this site, A Well Advised Life. We’ll still be talking about all the things we discussed in Shop From Your Pantry — and some of those old posts will be reposted here — but we’ll also be expanding beyond that. Our hope is to offer our shared experiences, while also keeping the door wide open for other people to respond and offer their on advice and experiences on those topics.

We’ll kick things off with a run of several posts before settling into a routine of 1-2 posts a week. We look forward to it, and we hope you do, too!

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