3 Reasons Why I Like Shopping at Aldi

I am an Aldi nerd. When I was in middle school, an Aldi opened in my hometown and my mom began shopping there for many of our grocery staples. When I grew up and got married, I began shopping at Aldi myself. I now buy about 90% to 95% of my family’s groceries at the discount retailer. What keeps me coming back? I’ve got many reasons, but here are my top three reasons why I like shopping at Aldi.

Aldi is inexpensive.

Groceries are consistently cheaper at Aldi, even compared to other retailers such as Walmart or Costco. And while most products at Aldi are house brands or store brands, that does not mean you are exchanging quality for price. Aldi’s stuff is good — often as good as name brands. And they don’t sell just junk food and processed foods. Aldi is increasingly offering more healthy food and expanding the amount of fresh produce on its shelves. I can eat good food for less money when I shop at Aldi.

I save time because I don’t need coupons at Aldi.

Aldi does not take manufacturers’ coupons. However, the store carries so few name-brand items that it would hardly be worth trying to use coupons there anyway, but the low overall prices more than make up for the fact that I can’t use coupons. Besides, coupons take time to clip or load to my phone, and it takes time to sort out all of the discounts and use them at a store register. I like that I don’t have to mess with any of that when I shop at Aldi. They keep it simple and efficient, and inexpensive.

Aldi has new and interesting products every week.

Each week, Aldi rotates in limited-time new stock called ALDI Finds or Special Buys. These usually revolve around a theme such as kitchen gadgets, lawn and garden equipment, camping gear, clothing, car accessories, bedding, and more. Aldi only stocks a small number of ALDI Find items, and once they’re gone, they’re gone, so you have to be quick if you spot something in the weekly ad that you really want. I enjoy seeing what each week’s ALDI Finds are because of the surprise factor. I often say it’s a little bit like Christmas. Often I find things I actually need.

How about you? Do you shop at Aldi? What are your reasons for shopping at the discount retailer?


  1. I would add that overall, it is a more pleasurable experience than WM. Even if it is crowded, the cashiers always move through the line quickly and are normally very friendly and kind.

    Also, you don’t get decision fatigue because there is generally one choice for what you want. You don’t have to compare 4 brands, 3 sizes of tomato sauce, you just grab the can and go.

    I love Aldi as well!

  2. You’re right, Deb! Aldi has the fastest cashiers and checkout lines, and a visit to Walmart always reminds me of that fact. I agree that Aldi’s employees are polite and helpful, at least in my experiences. Like you mentioned, I also appreciate that I don’t have to sort through 50 varieties of barbecue sauce or canned green beans in order to find the one I want.

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