Why I Drink Tea Every Day

I start nearly every morning with a cup of tea. It’s mostly herbal, so I don’t have a caffeine addiction. I just like tea. I value the centering, calming effect it has on my early mornings. Also, if I make it at home rather than buying it at a local drive-through, it’s very inexpensive.

My days are filled with tasks such as getting the kids off to school, making grocery runs, scheduling appointments, writing and proofreading for various projects, helping at the kids’ school, scrubbing bathrooms, picking up the kids from school, supervising homework, making dinner, taking the kids to gymnastics or band practice, putting kids to bed …

Yet in the morning, as the sun rises over the houses across the street in my modest suburban neighborhood and shines its light on my front porch, I drink my tea and feel content and relaxed before the day really gets into gear. I breathe and ease into the new day. My children are especially prone to procrastinating, whining, and fighting in the mornings when they have to get ready for school, so we all benefit from my calming routine.

Today it might be chamomile tea. Tomorrow cinnamon vanilla. The next day green tea or strawberry pomegranate or peppermint. On mornings when I need extra pep, it might be Earl Grey or Breakfast in Paris. I also enjoy indulging in holiday-themed teas such as Celestial Seasonings’ Candy Cane Lane or Sweet Harvest Pumpkin.

I also like to make use of my fun collection of mugs when I make tea at home.

Why I drink tea every day
My Shakespearean insults mug. The next time you’re upset with someone, call them roast-meat for worms, or a canker-blossom.
Why I drink tea every day
My Jane Austen quotes mug.
Why I drink tea every day
My husband’s English football (soccer) mug. I’m pathetically uninterested in sports, but I do like England, so sometimes I borrow my husband’s mug.

My tea habit has some health benefits, and it’s inexpensive. A box of 20 tea bags typically costs $2 to $4 at most grocery stores. That’s about 10 to 20 cents per cup. I also add a tiny dollop of locally produced honey. It’s much cheaper than a regular Starbucks habit, and it’s even cheaper than a cup of coffee from McDonald’s.

So I get a tasty hot drink in a mug that illustrates my personality and interests, and it comes with mental and physical health benefits and stress reduction, all for pennies a day. No wonder I love my daily cup of tea.

What is your favorite frugal habit? Share in the comments.


  1. Great idea. I love my coffee. But, it is most economical when we make it at home. We brew up a nice cup of half Columbian half Espresso and top it off with a nice French Vanilla creamer. It’s like heaven in a cup!

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